Legend says the Victorians were so prude they used large cloths to cover their furniture up, so that gentlemen would not be aroused by the sight of something so tantalising as the leg of a table.

That is fiction.

Nothing is more appealing than mystery. Mystery is enticing, attractive, and lusted for. So by covering their marble skin, their slender legs, and their bosoms, hiding them from view, the women of the Victorian era only made themselves all the more appealing to the opposite sex — to the extent that the mere glimpse of a patch of translucent skin was enough to put a gentleman’s heart aflame.

That is fact.

So, if any lesson is to be drawn from history, it is that nothing is as potent in making a woman alluring than is mystery. Coyness renders her character a closed book, which only courtship can open. Prudence renders her an otherworldy creature which only trust can seduce.

I find this a very appealing concept.

In the modern age, wherein we all live our lives, there is no such thing as mystery. We are all to wear our hearts on our sleeves, and keep everyone up-to-date, 24/7. Privacy is being poached upon, as the outside world invades our homes and minds — often without ourselves noticing.

By surrendering our privacy, and expecting everyone to be everywhere, all the time, we lose something. The essence of what makes us human fades. A fear of mine is that it will disappear into oblivion, forgotten.

As modern men, we expect everything from life. We expect it to give us money, might, and men, whilst we ourselves expect to do nothing but flick our fingers. There is no longer such as thing as mystery and satisfaction. Has it made us any happier? Sadly, I think it has not.

In Pride and Prejudice, that wonder of a book, Mr. Bennett says:
“A girl likes to be crossed a little in love now and then. It gives her something to think of.”

I personally find Mr. Bennett’s words an aphorism of more general application:
“Being crossed a little in life now and then makes us appreciate life more.”

What the world needs to realise is that nothing comes easy. It has to be earned, be it money, might, or men. And key to earning these rewards of life is to go about it the right way.

Work hard for money.
Gain might one step at a time.
Seduce men with mystery and allure.

The purpose of this blog is to show the power of mystery.

To be a slut is to be an open book; it is exposure at its worst. No wonder “slut” is considered a dirty word! No wonder its mention makes us uncomfortable! To be a slut is to be the antagonist of mystery.

To be a prude is to be the opposite of being a slut. Although not dirty, to be considered a prude is condescending. To be prude is to be too coy, too closed, too alien. To be prude is to be non-approachable.

To be a prude slut — to be a Victorian slut — however ought to be the perfection Goldilocks sought in her tale: That which is neither too cold nor too hot; That which is neither too slutty, nor too prude.

A Victorian slut is perfection. A Victorian slut is an approachable enigma. A mystery possible to seduce.

I think this holds a very genuine allure, making the Victorian slut an ideal to strive to attain.

At least this is what I believe.
Do you?

J. xxx


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