Cherry Smile

London, March 2011

.:[C’Est Moi]:.

Heavens, here I am, struggling to put pen to paper (or finger to key, in this digital scenario) in a vain attempt to give you a flavour of who I am. Well, I will readily admit it; I am bound to fail; how do you give an accurate picture of yourself when a person is more than words can convey?

How do you convey your thoughts, emotions and essence to someone else? It’s vain, indeed. But I shan’t resort to quoting Descartes here, by saying that we only can know ourselves truly. Instead, I shall share with you a few facts, that hopefully give you a taste of who I am.

Although an Englishwoman in heart, and a Londoner in residence, I was born and raised in Sweden. Following a couple of failed attempts to make a life for myself in the north, I decided to pursue a life-long dream and move to England. It is the best decision I have ever made, to date.

Infatuated with life, I like to believe there being a sparkle in my eye. Of course it dims on occasion, but as I have been told: That’s life. However, I find joy in the little and marvel in the common. Perhaps I have the heart of a child, as they say of those easily fascinated, or maybe, I have in London simply found the place where I am to live my life.

It is my hope that I share my infatuation with London and England with you on this blog, through my writings, musings and occasional ramblings.

Ever yours,



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