April 15, 2011

A week ago exactly I celebrated my 22nd birthday. The following day I met up with a dear friend, who took me to lunch (delicious!) before we hit town, finishing the day with coffee.

Sipping our coffee (well, I had tea), my friend gave me a present. It was a book: The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova. (More about the book later!) Attached to the present was a card, pictured above.

Part of the greeting reads:

Isn’t the dress on the card awesome? As soon as I saw it I was like; “This is so J!” Seriously, it could be a portrait of you.

I thought my friend was being very clever, because there are two reasons why the lady on the card could not be me.

1) I would never wear a pink bag to a green dress!

2) I am more awesome than the lady on the card.

For proof, see picture below.

However, dear Vil, you helped make my birthday (well, the following day) quite awesome. Thank you for the lovely book (it’s keeping me from revision!) and thank you for the pretty card. I brought it with me to England, so I can look at it and smile.


One Response to “Celebrations”

  1. Vilhelmina Says:

    You might if you had matching lipstick – and, perhaps, shoes! ;D (After all her shoes, as well as yours, are a mystery.)

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